5 Common Myths About Testosterone for Women

There are a lot of misleading theories and believes about importance of testosterone in women’s body. This has been prompted by the growing use of Testosterone hormone in treatment of symptoms related with menopause. Below is a list of the common myths about testosterone for women:

1. Testosterone results to hair loss

Almost a third of women suffer from hair loss and hair thinning as they age. This coincides with decreases in Testosterone levels. Therefore, the existing theories about how an increase in testosterone levels lead to hair loss is misleading. If testosterone really causes hair loss in women, we would be having more cases of hair loss in younger women than older ones. There is no scientific evidence that testosterone therapy results to hair loss. Hair loss is a very complex and multi-factorial process that many people don’t understand.

2. Testosterone increases risk of breast cancer

This is a wrong perception. Instead, research has proven that this hormone plays a big role in protecting your breasts against cancer. Breast cancer is known to be estrogen sensitive. Therefore, testosterone is used to treat breast cancer since it is �antagonistic’ to estrogen hormone. Clinical tests have proven that testosterone is beneficial to breast tissue since it reduces proliferation.

3. Testosterone increases chances of heart disease

A lot of biological and clinical research has been done and there is reliable evidence that testosterone protects the cardiac system. This is because it results to effective glucose metabolism and formation of lean body mass. Due to these beneficial effects, this hormone has been used to prevent heart complications in both men and women. It has also been found to help the cardiac muscles contract thus allowing smooth blood circulation around the body.

4. It’s a male hormone

Testosterone is not a men’s hormone. It’s only that men tend to have a higher level of testosterone than women. In fact, it is the most abundant active sex steroid found in women in their entire lifespan. Research has proven testosterone plays a very minor role when it comes to libido and sexual drive in women. It is known to treat symptoms that result from menopause. The perception that testosterone is a male hormone is thus misleading and unscientific. Testosterone receptors are found throughout the body of both men and women. It is a very vital hormone for women’s mental and physical health.  Here is a video showing it is not just a male hormone.

5. Testosterone causes aggression

Anabolic steroids have been known to increase rage and aggression. However, this is never the case when it comes to testosterone therapy. Aggression and rage is mostly associated with estrogen hormone instead. A research that was done by Dimitrakakis and Glaser showed that 90 percent of women that undergo testosterone therapy experience decreased anxiety, aggression and irritability.

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